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you are so special to me you are somebody who exist in my dream you are a gentleman and easy to talk i feel a real women with you and i appreciate you a lot xxx
you are very polite & kind gentleman. it's a pleasure to talk with you. hope to see you soon in my room. thanks for all!)
Thank you so much for hanging with us the Last night, we always appreciate good conversation over the normal boring demand like convo that usually goes on. You were very helpful and polite. Hope to see you in our room again ! Xoxoxo
Very helpful and polite gentleman. Thank you so very much. smile
what words i can say about him???generous kind and mentor this only words i only describe him......simply words that saying how much i am thankful to become a friend here
Gentleman with a great sense of humor. I love to communicate with you)
i call him sir for having a respect to him because he know how to treat you for what or who you are i am really so thankful for to be as ur friend here....bubbly fun understanding respect and love......i FORGOT he is my KNIGHT hahahahaha^_^
sir red has been a great huge help for me starting on my first day camming! he gives great advice on tips for new girls so u wont be doing any freebies. Yes charge for everything . Getting to really know him as a friend and my protector. xoxo
u are polite guy)
Knight and protector)