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26, Cancer, Another world
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Important details of The_Best_Lady
Sexual PreferenceStraight
Height5'4" - 5'6" [160cm - 170cm]
Weight120 - 140 lbs [55 - 63 kg]
LanguagesRussian, English
Pubic HairShaved
What makes me horny
Guys, I was very pleased to work with you. Thank you all for your attention, for your kind and beautiful words, for your love and support, for the fact that you were always there and did not let me get bored. And I want to confess that in the three years of my work I have also become attached to you and will miss you too. I wish you all a lot of love, money and happiness!

Ребята, мне было очень приятно с вами работать. Спасибо всем вам за ваше внимание, за ваши добрые и красивые слова, за вашу любовь и поддержку, за то что вы всегда были рядом и не давали мне скучать. И хочу признаться, что за три года моей работы я так же привязалась к вам и тоже буду скучать. Я желаю вам всем очень много любви, денег и счастья!
About me
I am happy Lady, always smile and have a good memory.
What turns me off
Perverts, liars and trolls.
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Working hours of The_Best_Lady
Monday 12:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Tuesday 4:00 AM – 7:00 AM
Wednesday 12:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Thursday 4:00 AM – 7:00 AM
Friday 4:00 AM – 7:00 AM
Saturday 4:00 AM – 7:00 AM
Sunday 4:00 AM – 7:00 AM
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I dream to travel.
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Rain of tokens
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I dream to have my own apartment.
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Comments (202)
I'm so sad... please come back! My best Lady ;)
My friend you've been the best friend the best person I know you will always be. For me you will always be a queen every queen have hi***ingdom maybe some people doesn't see your kingdom but I see it like many people who know you and your kingdom is incredible your kingdom is your heart queeny when we enter in your kingdom we just feel warm like someone welcome us with a big hug you are the most incredible person and thank you so much for accepting such a clumsy knight my queen forever
Ma très chère amie désolé si j'écris un commentaire en français mais j'espère que tu vas l'apprécier
Tu est la plus belle personne que je connais de l'extérieur comme de l'intérieur tout est vraiment parfait avec toi j'ai succombé à la beauté que tu expose et je me suis tellement attaché à une personne extraordinaire tel que la chose qui me rend le plus triste est que je ne puisse te donner un vrai câlin.
Je te souhaite tellement de bonheur que tu nage dans le bonheur tu est la meilleure
I have no words for tonight because the most shiny star leaves the star who always takes care of me I am happy that my happiness guardian start a new life because I know that it will be better thanks to you I am learning your lessons you make me better I will always have a thought that ask myself if you are fine to the dearest person for me I give you kiss on your nose and a really big hug
First of all I wish you the happiest life so many success and many money I wish you to have person always here for you as you've been here for me you are such an incredible person
Many comments for the last day
Tomorrow bonga will lose an incredible person as all of us the most incredible and important person you are all that matters for me on this site without I leave I don't know better person than you and I don't want to know because you are the only one my queeny only was here always telling lessons making me better learning me the true respect of ourself and the others I won't let anybody take the place you have in my heart because there is just you who matters my so dear friend
Now I know thanks to you what perfect means what dear means even if you leave I will always be here if you need to talk to me I will never forget you because you have such a big place in my heart as a friend and it just continues to grow up days and days I talk to you you gave me such a precious friendship that I will never trade even for all the money in the world you'll always be welcome to talk to me my true and pure happiness I have no words to tell you how important and perfect you are
Queeny thank you for breaking everything bad I was thinking like that models just care about tokens for making me see what a really dear friend is a friend always here even in bad moments with me many bad moments lol a friend with such a beautiful point of view of everything your personality your soul your intelligence makes me remind eve I hope of all my heart that you will find your Adam
My absolute and only queeny I admire you always being kind even in bad moments (like a broken phone :)) always honest with everyone I admire your beauty especially your smile and your eyes which shows to everybody that you are such a good person also thank you for making me a better person maybe I could not prove you that but I don't need the most important is to prove ourselves that we became better than before I couldn't have been better without your advices miss universe
Love these movies!

My dream is to visit Dubai


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My presents

Thank you so much my dear Taylor--- For such a sweet gift. I called it "Snowflake". As pure as your heart.

Спасибо огромное за такой прекрасный подарок мой дорогой друг Domovoi780! Ты сделал меня счастливой, ты настоящий мужчина!